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Name- Kalska© the original 


Age- adult


Mate- NO, im heart broken once again, torn between love and hate

Crush- who knows...

Pups- chaska is caring for them

kalska died a horible death. alitos had told her he was cheating on her with indian. he told her forever and always, and then told her he cheated on her. he lied to her, he said he was only going to spend his life with her. and lied.  kalska shoved him away and ran away crying, leaving the pups and him behind, he chased her and tackled her telling her he still loved her and she was the only one and that him leaving would be better for the both of them. . she pushed him off and snarled at him telling him to leave and never come back,.... he left,,,,.....she screamed and smashed her head mautiple times into a tree making herself pass out bleeding, she died from blood loss...

History-Prefers not to talk about it.

Looks-Kalska is agray wolf with white mixed in and has piercing aqua blue eyes.

Name- Syrus© the original


Age- adult

Gender- Male

Mate- None

Crush- None

Pups- alldied

Personality-Syrus is a forgiving and respectful male. He likes his family to be close andfriends close also. His attitude is normally a soft and sweet perspective onlife. He has a side to him that always makes you want to be around him and isalways fun to be around.

History-nothing interesting.

Looks-Syrus is pure white and has golden eyes

Name- Cresent Moon © the 1st and original

Nickname- Cresent

Age- Adult

Gender- Male

Mate- Delta <3 the one I imprinted on. The one I willlove till death does us part.

Crush- Delta <3 forever and always

Pups-not yet born

Personality- cresent, a strong willed mature male.Protective over friends and family with a attitude of his own. Brought up bytaroleah, and her mate he was taught right from wrong. His life is one he couldnot ask any better of.  Friends andfamily are dear to him and he fights for them.

History- rough

Looks-Cresent is black with coral blue eyes and has a C shapedcrescent around his left eye.

 Name- Chaska © the 1st and original

Nickname- Chaska

Age- Adult

Gender- Female

Mate- Recca

Crush- Recca

Pups- Kammie Adopted, Inka Adopted. also including recca's kids with kalska. now she has taken in all 6 of kalskas pups since her death

Personality- chaska is a sweet nurturing female with a softheart. She loves her family with her life and thinks better of worsesituations. She always has a good perspective on life and is a child at heart.

History- none.

Looks-Chaska has a white pelt with green eyes.

 Name- Kamaria © the 1st and original

Nickname- Kamaria (ka-mar-e-ah)

Age- Teen

Gender- Female

Mate- None


Pups- none

Personality- kamaria, barely around her mother or father.She was raised solemnly by herself. She learned well and quick.  Her life was quick and when seasons came andwent she soon matured into a blossoming teen. She has yet to meet anyone andsettle down. She has a soft heart but also a mean side. Mostly you have to meether.

History- above ^

Looks- Kamaria, she has a black pelt with golden yellow eyes and aC shaped yellow crescent around her left eye.

Name- Moxy © the 1st and original

Nickname- Moxy

Age- Adult

Gender- Male

Mate- Thelia <3 my one and only

Crush- Thelia

Pups- none.

Personality- moxy has a outgoing personality with abounderous spirit. He is high strung but is calm also. He has settled down withhis mate and loves her dearly. He has a few good friends.

History- none.

Looks-Moxy is white with brown eyes.

Kammie (C) the 1st and original


nickname-kam or just kammie

age-teen close adult


mate-no never



personality- kammie is a trip, she is a full out flirt, she is a complete clutz and does it on purpose, it is all about her, she has met a few friends, a family is dear to her. she loves to tease males, bringing them in and kicking them out. sorta like a heart breaker, she has fun is all that matters to her. she is a slim fast and swift fae.

family-chaska recca alitos kalska and her pups


*only one i could find for her, i edited her and pups*


names to remeber-


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Reply ademello
9:12 PM on September 7, 2011 
Hey :3
Reply LunaStar
11:10 PM on July 17, 2011 
Hey. Just to remind you, Chaska is mates with Recca.
Reply ademello
6:16 PM on June 22, 2011 
Yea Thalia is still with Moxy :) She would never leave him =3